Skill Statement Part 1

Skill Statement Anatomy

A skills statement can help you get an employer’s attention in thirty seconds or less. A skills statement has three parts:

Part One: Hello, my name is Barbara Wilson.

Explanation: Identifies her to the employer.

Part Two: I have one year experience as a clerical worker and receptionist. I can file, and operate a multi-line phone system. I am also trained in several word processing programs.

Explanation: States present skills or past results produced. Think back on the important parts of your past job. What did you spend most of your time doing? What skills did you need? What training did you receive?

Part Three: I really enjoy working with the public. I can handle stressful situations and was employee of the month two times with my last employer.

Explanation: Shows attitudes or how you have fit with other companies. What personal qualities or abilities did you need to do your job well? Are you good with the public, efficient, loyal, honest? Did you receive any awards? Were you dependable and on time?

Time yourself saying Barbara’s skills statement. It probably takes you less than 30 seconds. Yet, look at how much good information is in it.

Sample Skill Statements

Eileen was laid off from her office manager position at a real estate company. She is seeking a job as a sales representative for an office supply company. She has no previous sales experience but has much firsthand knowledge of office supplies.

“Hi, my name is Eileen Watkin. I have three years’ experience using and ordering all types of office supplies. I’m strong in customer relations and can communicate well. I’m honest, dependable, persistent and a hard working self-starter.”

Charles was injured while working as a tow-truck driver. He wants to find a job working as a service writer at a car dealership. This is a job he has never done but he has researched it well.

“Hello, my name is Charles Dundee. I have four years’ experience working with the public when their cars needed repairs. I can make accurate diagnoses of problems and cost estimates. I enjoy working with the public and can use both spreadsheet and word processing programs.”

Adrian recently finished a one-year certificate program at a community college in accounting. She’s now looking for her first job.

“Hi, my name is Adrian Woodward. I recently completed a one-year accounting program and learned both manual and computerized accounting. I am accurate and detail oriented and was on the honor roll three terms.”

Calvin Stewart has been working in an on-the-job training at a production machine shop for the last year. He knows that the company he is calling uses some of the same equipment.