Creating with the Story Elements. Great Gatsby Part 2

Directions: Thinking about the story elements of character, setting, and plot in a novel is very important to understanding what is happening and why. Complete one of the following activities (part 1 and part 3) based on what you’ve read so far. Be creative and have fun!


Create and perform or record
your version of the private
a dialogue between Jordan and
Gatsby during his party. Be
sure to include the story, Gatsby
tells Jordan and the favor he
asks her. Pay attention to
portraying their characters
through your choice of words


Create a soundtrack for the
scene where Gatsby and
Nick drive to New York City
together. Be sure to consider
the fancy automobile,
the changing scenery, the
conversation, and the two
characters as you make your
music selections.


Write a found poem. Using favorite language you find
in chapters 3 and 4, draft a poem reflecting the novel
in some way. Your poem may connect to a character, a
theme, a place, or an event in the story.