Creating with the Story Elements. Great Gatsby Part 3

Directions: Thinking about the story elements of character, setting, and plot in a novel is very important to understanding what is happening and why. Complete one of the following activities (part 1 and part 2) based on what you’ve read so far. Be creative and have fun!


Assume the character of
Daisy. Write a letter from
Daisy to Jordan in which she
reflects on her afternoon
at Nick’s house with Gatsby
and the tour of his home.
Be sure to include any of
her expectations, surprises,
and thoughts about the
days ahead.


Reread the party scene or the home
tour Gatsby gives to Daisy and Nick.
Create an advertising campaign for
the fashion designer responsible for
the most striking clothing, the interior
the designer who outfitted Gatsby’s
home, or the landscape architect
who designed the outdoor spaces
and gardens. Draft the voiceover
monologue for the product in a piece
of writing or a podcast. Create an
accompanying 2D visual using your
choice of medium (ink, paint, digital).


Write, perform, and, if possible, videotape a dialogue between
Dan Cody and the 17-year-old Gatsby, showing the nature of
their mentor/mentee relationship. How did Gatsby impress
Cody? How did Cody captivate Gatsby? Show the kind of
relationship you think they had. Detail any plans they may
have had before Cody’s untimely death.