Creating with the Story Elements. Great Gatsby

Directions: Thinking about the story elements of character, setting, and plot in a novel is very important to understanding what is happening and why. Complete one of the following activities (find others in the next posts) based on what you’ve read so far. Be creative and have fun!


Daisy talks with Nick about
her daughter. In explaining her
reaction to having a girl she says,
“‘All right’ I said, ‘I’m glad it’s a
girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool—
that’s the best thing a girl can be in
this world, a beautiful little fool.’”
Write a letter or poem from Daisy
to her daughter, giving advice or
describing hopes for her future.


Choose a key scene from
the novel to illustrate. Use
creative software (e.g.,
Photoshop or Microsoft Paint),
colored pencils, pastels,
oils, or acrylic paint. Be
sure to show through your
illustration the qualities of
mood and time Fitzgerald
attempted to convey through
his careful descriptions.


With a partner or small group, brainstorm five to eight predictions for the
novel. Use a graphic organizer. Main categories might be “Relationship
between Nick and Gatsby,” “Relationship between Daisy and Tom,” “How
will Gatsby fit into the story?” etc. Consider how these story elements might
shift and grow. Create a poster (digital or paper) showing your ideas and
the reasoning behind them. Share it with the class.