Releasing Your Ideas

The paper’s like the printer at the end of the algorithm right for me writing is the way that you develop the ideas in the first place it’s the it’s the it’s the machinery of research not the output not the printer for research does that make sense that that’s what works for me let’s see and so if you’re going to do this number two is you need to know what your idea is and that is often not terribly clear in advance but it must be clear when it’s finished but I’d like to just articulate what what is this business about an idea.¬†Develop your ideas on¬†Edusson.

So I think of a paper as rather like a talk that I was making about on Tuesday as a kind of vehicle for conveying an idea from your head into what’s your name Fraser okay so my paper is a vehicle for conveying my idea from my head into phrases head right so it’s it’s like a virus I put the paper for me goes into his brain and if it’s successful it sort of tape smooth there and you know he becomes a carrier and he you know infects other people so it’s a and it it’s so it’s a the paper is not a sort of you know way of getting research brownie points it’s an idea conveying mechanism right and with a middle of phrase it’s not I put it in a rather what’s the word exactly done dystopian view but but I hope you’ll might hope the Fraser is sort of excited about the idea and think that’s cool and interesting.

And maybe I could build on it and do new things that and I put Mozart up here because I think of you know Mozart wrote pieces of music that we are still let’s think of them as his papers right and we are still reading his papers in concert halls right we just of course the the interpretation is you know huge huge part of musicianship but the fact is that the ideas that he wrote down was so persuasive and catchy and interesting that people are still looking at 100 years later or hundreds of years later I’ll be astonished if anybody’s looking at any of my papers in hundred years time but it will be VOC sightings they were so one yeah so so and and the ideas are more durable than anything else you know you may implement stuff you may give talks you may you may do a number of other things in the research but I think in a way that your papers are the most durable part of your output they are the things that future generations of students may read and think you know phrases paper really changed my life you know and I can point of some papers that did change my life so and that’s a in a way that implementations sometimes do but not so much so.