Solutions For Essay Question

Let’s have a look at how to analyze the assignment question when analyzing the question there are three tasks to which you must pay attention firstly you need to locate the task words in the assignment question then you have to make sure that you understand what those task words are asking you to do and finally you need to identify the key topics in that particular assignment so firstly you must let Kent the tossed words often it’s very easy to find sometimes the task words will be things that analyze evaluate define here are some examples of typically set questions which you may encounter the first one analyze the problem of teenage binge drinking and evaluate three possible solutions here it’s very easy to find the task words we have analyzed and we have evaluate let’s have a look at another sample question evaluate the types of accounting information most companies routinely use.

Again the task word is upfront at the beginning evaluate now in some easy questions though you will find the task word isn’t quite so obvious let’s have a look at this example discuss the political strategies of the predominant forms of government among the Italian city-states which was the most successful and why right yeah you have to do three things firstly you must discuss the strategies this means give a description of the different strategies that becomes at the time the which was the most successful part of the question is asking you to evaluate which strategies you think worked best and the why part of the question requires you to give reasons for your evaluation here is another example of how the tossed words may not always be that easy to identify this read it pups new ribbon gear has recently lost market share what happened at pup stand why how can this problem be solved now the crux of this question is what happened at pups they won what it’s asking you to do is we look at the problem and assess the cause and once you’ve discussed what happened and why the second part of the questioning kicks in.

How can this problem be solved what you’ve been asked to do here is to evaluate the situation and give recommendations to solve the problem now there are a large number of task words these include evaluate a system contrast criticize define describe discuss examine explain many many more so for example if you are asked to discuss a topic your answer must explain the topic or concept and then give details through supporting evidence two examples points for and against explanations for the fence put forward from various points of view whereas if you are asked to criticize a topic you must point out the flaws or weaknesses in an argument or idea but also you are expected to indicate any positive aspects of the subject in question your answer mustn’t be biased and you should give a balanced answer.